About Higgins Farms

The Higgins Farms Texas Longhorns started as an idea to own something magnificent on our farm. Located in Kentucky, the heart of the thoroughbred horses, we decided we wanted to be different from our neighbors and instead of horses, we would raise Texas Longhorns.  In the beginning, our herd started with 4 and has grown to 9, with more expected to join the herd this summer! These animals are truly magnificent and we are excited to see our herd grow at Higgins Farms. 

One thing you will find out about longhorns and the industry is that there is a wealth of knowledge available from other breeders and ranches.  When we began developing our herd we used a guideline we came across from GVR Longhorns, 5 TRAITS A TEXAS LONGHORN SHOULD HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF OUR HERD.  We could not agree more and are building our herd around these five traits: Personality, Maternal Instinct, Conformation, Color, and Horn Shape and Size

Give us a call or send us a message. We are happy to talk Longhorns!